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Subjects taught by Kumar in Public Workshops

Kumar offers a range of workshops and lectures in addition to longer courses. The workshops combine theory and practice and cater to all levels from beginner to advanced to yoga teacher training. Below are some of the subjects covered in his workshops, lectures and courses:

Shat Kriyas-6 purification techniques

Surya Namaskaras & Kriya Pranayama

Yoga Asanas, beginner and advanced

Pranayamas-40 kinds

Mudras and Bandanas-35-40 covering all the systems of the body


Yoga Kayachikitsa

Meditation theory and practice

Shat Kriyas-6 purification techniques:


  • Neti Chikitsa - Jala Neti, Sutra Neti
  • Dhauti Chikitsa
  • Vasti Chikitsa
  • Bhati
  • Nauli
  • Trataka

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Surya Namaskaras & Kriya Pranayama:

  • Sun Salutations with Bheeja Mantra and Meaning of it
  • Sun Salutations Series A and B coupled with Kriya Pranayama (stress releasing technique)

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The correct sequencing and practice of asanas, pranayamas, mudras and bandanas based on the neural centres or chakras.

The cleansing of annamayakosha or physical body, and removing of free radicals from saptha dhatus or seven levels of body.

The varga or group classification of asanas based on the tantra system.

The Northern and Southern traditions, and their differences.

Different methodologies of practice based on types of personalities

The therapeutic approach of hatha yoga based on the neural network.

Ratnavali, Garanda and Siva Sanhita, Rahasyam, Kapala and Kurantaka Yoga.

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The Pranamayakosha. The five pranas and the origin and purpose of pranayama.

Ushnakriyas-Heat generating -increasing metabolic rate, Samashitoshna kriyas-Balancing heat, Sheetalikarana kriyas-cooling down breathing techniques.

The types of pranayamas to be practiced depending on personalities.

Therapeutic pranayamas.

Aerobic and anaerobic breathing techniques and their importance.

Special pranayamas of vaidik and tantra schools.

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Mudras and Bandanas:

The origin and purpose of mudra and bandana in hatha yoga.

The physiology of mudra and bandana.

Both raja yoga and tantra mudras.

The classification and types.

Specialized mudras and bandanas, e.g. vanishing techniques.

Therapeutic approach of mudras and bandanas in treating acute and chronic cases.

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The origin and purpose.

Tantra and kundalini.

Classification and types of kundalini.

Nadis and neural centres.

The different approaches to kundalini and different techniques of jada or kevala and dynamic or chetana kundalini.

The approach of kriyayoga and other disciplines to kundalini.

Conditioned kundalini and deconditioned kundalini -the difference.

Different experiences of kundalini and therapeutic approach.

Premature kundalini and its effects and how to work with it.

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Yoga Kayachikitsa:

Anatomy and Physiology

Therapy for various chronic problems including Cancer, Muscular Dystrophy, heart problems, skin diseases such as Erithrodermis, spinal problems including slipped disc and Spondilitis, reproductive problems such as infertility, polycystic ovaries, thyroid as well as respiratory problems , Asthma and sinusitis.

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Meditation theory and practice:

The eight limbs of yoga or the eightfold path.

Raja yoga, (meditation) the culmination of Bhakti, Karma and Jnana yoga

The relationship between consciousness and the unconscious mind.

The connection between Buddhism and Hinduism, Yoga and Dhamma.

The spiritual texts of the Vedas, Puranas and the Gita from the six basic schools of Indian philosophy.

What is Samadhi? Different types and levels, wholesome and unwholesome Samadhi.

Techniques: Japa, Ajapa, Mantra, Tantra, Arupa, Nirguna, Antakarana Shuddhi

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