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Yoga & Meditation Workshop - Torrance, CA, Nov 02-04, 2012 

Kumar's workshop on Yoga and Meditation in Torrance, CA. Kumar explained the science of Yoga during his introductory talk. 

Download the Introductory Talk at Torrance

Patanjali Yoga Sutras - Flintshire, North Wales, UK, Aug 10, 2012 

Patanjali, the great scientist of the mind advocates a spirituality based on an analytical and practical methodology to purify all levels of the mind and reach the ultimate goal of enlightenment. Kumar introduces the fundamental principles of the spiritual path of Yoga and translates the Yoga Sutras in the light of deep experiential understanding of their meaning. Kumar chants the sutra, interprets it’s meaning into English and gives a discourse to clarify it’s practical application. 

Download Patanjali Sutras

Final session of RYT 200 - Hyderabad, India, Sep 10, 2012 

The session comprises an hour long chanting with explanation in English about paying respects to the lineage of great enlightened teachers who protected and preserved the ancient teachings. The session was followed by a 30 minute Q&A discussion. The recording then consists of a regular Teacher Training class in Telugu (as the course students were mainly from Andhra Pradesh).

Download Teacher Training Session

Guru Purnima Session with Kumar - 2012

The session consists of an interesting session with Kumar on the holy day of Guru Purnima

Download Guru Purnima Session with Kumar

Q&A Session with Kumar - 2011

The session consists of an informative Q&A session with Kumar

Download Q&A Session with Kumar

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