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The aim of Traditional Yoga is to restore the understanding of the essential relationship between the different limbs of yoga and to present the knowledge in its original, whole, undiluted and practical form. Working with the branches of yoga in their entirety enables the practitioner to make rapid progress both physically and mentally. Through attention to developing good health, suppleness, strength and stamina by practising Hatha yoga as originally outlined by the Nath traditions in the North of India, an individual is prepared for the next step, the purification of the mind through Raja Yoga, the great science of Patanjali.

Traditional Yoga is a non-profit making organisation founded in 2006 under the auspices of Kumar, a yoga master who has been a life long practitioner studying in all the major schools still available in India. He has re investigated the connection between Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga (eightfold path) and Buddha's Ashtanga Magga (eightfold path).

The Traditional Yoga programmes are designed for both beginners, advanced practitioners and yoga teachers wishing to develop their practise, deepen their knowledge and gain new techniques, many of which are currently unavailable in the world. These include:

Traditional Yoga workshops

  • RYT 200 & RYT 500 Teacher training courses: Teachers' training courses in India, for those who wish to study with Kumar and are interested in becoming a certified Traditional Yoga instructor. Yoga Master Kumar is an E-RYT 500 instructor and Traditional Yoga is a RYS 500, registered School of Yoga Alliance.
  • Residential meditation & yoga courses:Two intensive residential and meditation courses every year, a 10 day course in August in the UK and a 15 day course in December in India. These meditation courses are intended for any aspirant who is seeking a technique and guidance to achieve enlightenment. A number of students have achieved the first stage of enlightenment (of 4 stages) under Kumar’s guidance as a result of attending the courses and continuous practice.
      1. Summer 10 day course in Sussex, UK in Aug
      2. Winter 15 day course in Karnataka, India in Dec
  • Free Summer public workhops: A series of large scale free public yoga and health awareness workshops in public parks and outdoor spaces in Hyderabad each year, these are attended by thousands of people wishing to improve their health, well being and to learn how to make improvements to their diet. The incidents of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes has risen sharply in India in recent years.
  • Other Workshops & guest lectures: Kumar gives guest lectures & talks in universities/colleges, presentations in yoga conferences, personality development workshops in corporate companies, 2 or 3 day workshops in yoga studios on invitation basis in India, UK, USA, Korea, Japan, Germany, Russia. Please contact us if you are interested in organizing a session.
  • In addition Kumar gives Yoga Kayachikitsa treatment to individuals with critical illnesses, critical long term or terminal problems. Email us if you would like to make an appointment with Kumar or to seek advice on how to use yoga to address your health problems.

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